iceDermal Fillers Pre-Treatment Instructions

To decrease bruising – avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and alcohol 1 week prior to injections. Many patients take Arnica Montana and or Bromelain 3 days prior and continue for three days after.

Dermal Fillers Post-Treatment Instructions

Ice and arnica gel will be applied immediately. You may apply sunblock and makeup afterward if needed. Please ice for 10 minutes one additional time during the day of treatment. For one hour following your injection session, no eating, chewing gum or drinking. During the remainder of the day, no physical activity and when you eat later eat something soft, not too chewy.. No dental work for one week

Side effects include temporary redness, swelling and bruising. The area may be sensitive for a few days. If the areas is very bruised the following day, please plan to come in for a quick laser treatment to speed up the clearance of the bruise.

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