stock-photo-28725252-it-all-comes-together-with-a-tieNeuromodulator Post-Op Instructions

Botox, Dysport, and Xenomin Instructions

Neuromodulator injections temporarily weaken the muscles in the treated areas. You will be less able to make the expression that causes the wrinkle. Eventually over time the lines will diminish. Deep lines will not disappear.

Immediately after your injection it is normal to see redness or mild bruising in the treated area. For four hours after, you may not lie down or lean forward. You must keep your chin up and head straight. For the first hour, patients should actively squint, frown and use the muscles injected. Please don’t touch the area except for applying light makeup if needed.

It takes 5-14 days before the effect is seen. If after two weeks, you see no improvement, please call the office to be seen.

Call the office with any questions 212-249-8118.