stock-photo-3505522-tube-of-ointment-creamCUTERA Post-Op Instructions

Initially after treatment, you will feel a mild burning sensation that resolves in about thirty minutes. After treatment, it is normal for the area to scab and darken.

Clean the site that evening with mild soap and water. Pat the area dry. Apply a thin film of ointment (bacitracin, bactroban or even Aquaphor) to the area. Cover with a bandage if desired. Cleanse and change daily. The areas will continue to darken and then fall off. The area may be pink and will fade to your normal skin color. Treatment sites from the face normally take 5-7 days to heal, other body areas — arms, legs, back, hands, feet, trunk may take 10-14 days. Once healed, please resume your retinoid and normal skin regimen. Strict sun avoidance to the treated areas is necessary for two weeks after the area is healed.

If the treatment area becomes increasingly tender, please call the office 212-249-8118.